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Importance of NICEIC electricians

In 2014 January an electrical contractor was fined and suspended for carrying out dangerous work and falsely claiming that he was approved by the NICEIC. One contractor of property maintenance and electrical contractors, was charged with endangering home renters and frauding his employee. The court found him guilty of leaving houses with incomplete and dangerous wiring, and major electrical hazards that needed urgent rectification and repair. This cost the residents thousands of dollars to rectify the mess. He pleaded guilty to the offence and was sentenced to two terms in jail.

What is NICEIC

It is a regulatory body for the electrical industry. It assesses the contractor’s competency in work. It trains, advice, informs and certify the contractors to help them cope in the industry. They value the consumers’ needs, and they have a wall of shame where they post the list of fraudulent contractors.

Importance of NICEIC accreditation

Owning and displaying the NICEIC symbol does not necessarily mean that the contractor is accredited. Many electricians might Just be like He who owned the logo but was judged for using fraudulent means to get contracts and putting the lives of homeowners in danger. Before choosing a contractor always make sure that they have legal accreditation from the NICEIC board.

Accredited Electricians are necessary because

They will ensure safety and competence when undertaking their work. Usually, they are frequently assessed to ensure that they are competent and capable of meeting the relevant standards and requirements in their job.

Their work always complies with the regulations. You can be sure that the legal bodies will not be on your neck because of faulty wiring and systems.

Also, they offer quality and efficient services to their customers. NICEIC accreditation puts in mind that as a consumer, you deserve peace of mind that comes from receiving quality services. If you find out that the work undertaken is below expectation, then NICEIC ensure that it is put right.

Not all contractors are what they claim to be. As a consumer, you need the services of a qualified and certified contractor whether it is just the simple re-wiring jobs or complex jobs like electrical installations.

Electricians Stoke-on-Trent are very reliable when it comes to offering services because the Institution accredits them. At electrician in Stoke-on-Trent, you will be guaranteed of safety, quality, competence and peace of mind.

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