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Pat Testing

P.A.T – all you need to know

Individuals and companies must own an electric appliance in one way or another. Electrical testing is important to ensure that your equipment, appliances, and systems are safe, efficient and effective. The electricity at work 1989 requires that any electrical equipment that is capable of causing injury should be maintained in a safe condition.

At electrician in Stoke-on-Trent, we are dedicated to making sure that you are always protected from such injuries and surprises by performing PAT testing on your equipment. We can be available on short notices and emergency calls.

What is P.A-T

PAT is a test done on electrical appliances to ensure that they are working properly and are not posing any risks to consumers and users. There are different types of PAT tests, and different companies use different types.

Importance of P.A.T

It enables you to test the efficiency and safety of your portable appliances and makes sure that they comply with safety and manufacturing standards.

It also gives the engineers a chance to identify any problems regarding your machine that are likely to occur at later dates.

What it involves

The first thing that PAT includes is a visual inspection. During this time an engineer will visually check your product for any damage, faulty cables, and exposed wires. They will open the plug and check the wires and fuses to ensure that they are correct and not exposed.

Then, they will use a PAT machine to check the efficiency of internal components, current voltage, earth wires and their insulation.

Appliances that pass this test get rewarded with a green sticker attached to the plug and are declared as appropriate to use.

This label contains the details of the date of PAT, next due date and the details of the company that performed the test. The firm also provides a print out of the pass and fails so that the health and safety officer can record the information accordingly.

Those that fail the test or have any faults must be repaired or replaced.

Legal obligations

There are no legal obligations that require you to perform the test, but it is to the advantage of the appliance owners that they test their products as frequently as they can to avoid any future accidents. We recommend that you do the checks every 12 months especially in the commercial sector.

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