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fire alarms

How safe is your fire safety system

Fires can lead to death and cause extensive damages to property or homes. As of April 2015, Home Office Fire Statistics Monitor shows that approximately 303 deaths in England are as a result of fires with a majority of them due to accidental fires.

The best part is that accidental fires can be easily avoided by use of a professional fire alarm and an efficient emergency lighting system. They can also reduce the severity of the injuries in case the fire was unavoidable .Some of the most important ways of avoiding this ‘little’ accidents that may otherwise lead to death and damages are listed below.

Sound the fire alarm

Alarms are the most important part of the safety system. The regulatory reform order requires that you must have a fire precaution for your property in place. Fire precaution includes routine maintenance of the alarms and the safety system. The alarm will always warn you in case there is a fire outbreak. However, these alarms have a relatively short shelf life and require that you update them from time to time. Also, ensure to choose the right type of fire alarm to install in your premises.

Install smoke alarms

All domestic properties must have a smoke alarm that guards against fire hazards. Make sure to test the alarms regularly meaning that you could even do it weekly. Their batteries may last for a year, so it is necessary to change them at yearly intervals. Also, it is a requirement by the fire service that all households should have alternative routes that they can use to get out of the house in case of a fire emergency. These alarms are also important for commercial properties.

Install enough lighting

An emergency lighting system works collaboratively with the alarms. They are especially important during night times when darkness starts creeping in. They help the employees to make their out of the buildings in the event of a fire break out. The lights enable them to trace the escape routes quickly and safely without causing confusion and panic that may result in serious consequences.

Electricians in Stoke-on-Trent take fire prevention very seriously considering the grave consequences and the indefinite loss that comes with such fires. They are very knowledgeable about fire alarms, and their types and they can give you the best advice regarding them. They are also qualified to install the safety systems and will gladly offer their services.


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