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Landlords: How to Keep Your Electrical Safety Certificates Up to Date

There’s no doubt that whatever way you look at it, safety is something that should always be in your top priority if you’re in the business of renting. One aspect of this is the electrical soundness of the places you’re renting out. You can do this by keeping your electrical safety certificates up to date to ensure the welfare of your renters.


Of course, there are a number of ways on how you can ensure that your electrical safety certificates up to date. Make sure to read on below since we’ll not only list them but also provide additional tips you can use!

Disadvantages of Outdated Electrical Safety Certificates

Although the benefits of electrical safety is obvious, it pays to get to know the disadvantages of an outdated electrical safety certificate as well. In this section, we’ll be discussing the potential perils when you miss updating yours!


The number one con of an outdated electrical safety certificate is the financial risk associated with it. This is usually in terms of fines, penalties as well as invalidated insurance fees on the merit of not fulfilling your obligation as a landlord. This can be a costly consequence that’s likely to drain your cash reserves if you aren’t too careful with the prompt updating of your electrical safety certificates.


Another much greater risk is the potential instance of fires and accidents happening. An updated certificate guarantees that everything is in working order and without this, the chance that something harmful might occur can increase. The thing about this is that it can also easily lead to a financial risk for you since it can raze down your property in an instant. Moreover, incidents such as these can injure people and lead to lawsuits or claims of negligence on your part.

What Your Responsibilities Are as a Landlord

By law, you’re required to ensure that the property you’re renting out is safe and that all electrical installation has been done abiding by the standards set in UK. Moreover, it also has to be maintained in a good condition so that any likely or untoward incidents may be avoided.


If you property is considered an HMO or a House in Multiple Occupation, there’s a mandatory inspection done every five years. In addition, if you include appliances in the place you’re renting to others, it should have at least a CE marking as well as be safe to use.


These requirements are actually pretty simple. The key is to do them regularly to make certain that everything’s in working order and without any hitch at all!

Electrical Certification Experts

Ensuring that your electrical certification is updated means you have to hire experts to come and assess everything for you and to do any necessary inspection to keep your property safe. The best thing about hiring an expert is that you can trust their judgment. Moreover, they have a wider scope of abilities to use for different types of properties.


This is especially handy for those housing a complex electrical system in the homes they’re renting out. Aside from the standard benefit of having a top-notch expertise, they would also be able to better recommend improvements and upgrades for your building safety.

Why You Should Get Your Property Certified

There is no doubt that you should keep your property’s electrical certificates updated. But if you need more reason to do so, there are a lot that you might be missing if you don’t get it up-to-date. For one, an electrical certification prevents fires due to plug mishaps and will ensure everyone’s safety.


Best of all, however, is that you’ll be worry-free when it comes to anything unfortunate happening in your property. After all, there’s nothing like dangerous conditions that can repel a potential tenant from renting the places you’ve listed!


For quality and peace of mind, see to it that your electrical certificates are up-to-date and everything is in working order!